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Fully upholstered Chairs found 73 products

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leona deep button back
H800 W470 D470 SH470

from £73.00

lille arm
H820 W530 D550 mm

from £63.00

leona high back
H1000 W510 D520 SH480

*Shown with float buttons, these are optional*

from £75.00

H920 W400 D500 mm

from £49.00

minster non scroll
H1000 W460 D490

from £57.00

minster scroll
H1040 W460 D490

from £58.00

milan carver scroll
H850 W560 560

from £70.00

milan carver
H850 W560 D560

from £70.00

milan delux arm
H1010 W740 D620

from £88.00

nathalie regal
H820 W560 D500 mm

With a choice of stud colours

from £94.00

nico armchair
H880 W500 D400

from £70.00

nico scroll side chair
H880 W500 D400

With float buttons

from £58.00

nina ital
H850 W620 D550 mm

from £82.00

H850 W620 D550

from £82.00

omega wing
H900 W570 D580 SH480

from £112.00

omega carver
H830 W550 D430

from £74.00

omega carver delux
H830 W640 D470

from £82.00

omega side chair
H820 W560 D460 mm

Arms available

from £69.00

omega armchair (buttons)
H830 W530 D430 mm

Shown with button option and seat pad

from £82.00

omega open arm
H830 W530 D430 mm

Shown with open arm uph

from £73.00

omega cow
H830 W550 D600 mm

Cowhide colour will vary

from £161.00

pasha plain side chair
H840 W440 D450 mm

from £62.00

pasha buttoned side chair
H840 W440 D450

from £65.00

patriot carver
H800 W440 D500 mm

*awaiting stock*


H1010 W470 D490

from £55.00

premier scroll
H950 W460 D510

from £58.00

premier non scroll
H985 W490 D450

from £56.00

H790 W480 D550

Minimum order of 50pcs

from £69.00

rodeo rollback
H950 W460 D490 mm

Cowhide colour will vary

from £82.00

H800 W520 D560 mm

from £82.00

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