Statement from the Contract Furniture Group regarding Covid-19

25th March 2020

To help halt the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the Contract Furniture Group has temporarily suspended its regular manufacturing, delivery and installation services. This action has been taken to protect the health and safety of our own team, our customers' teams, and anyone else we may have otherwise come into contact with at this very difficult time.

If any of our customers do have reason to request our assistance please do not hesistate to get in touch through the usual channels. Despite the current state of 'lockdown', we will still try to help in any way we can. Any and all activity that can be carried out virtually, such as project planning, product selection and costing, will continue via online communications or telephone. We can be reached via;

T: 0115 965 9030
E: info

Please be assured that we are open for business at this difficult time and we will continue to deliver stock if required via our external carriers that are still working through these difficult times. We will update this message if this situation changes.

We will look to resume standard operations as quickly as possible, and will therefore assess the potential to do so after each official update. Hopefully the unprecidented government intervention will have the desired effect of having us all back to work as soon as possible. Until then, from all of us here at the Contract Furniture Group, we hope you remain safe and well.

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FLAT found 8 products

auto adjust bx26
*in stock*

Height: 720mm/28.35in
Base Span: 670mm/26in
Base Spread: 490mm/19.3in
Weight: 6.0kg/13lb
Top Plate Size: 350mm/14in
Material/Finish: Aluminium/Polished
Max Tabletop Size Square: 650mm/26in
Max Tabletop Size Round: 750mm/30in
Post/Column Width: 65mm/2.56in


auto adjust cx26
*in stock*

Height: 720mm/28.35in
Base Span: 660mm/26in
Base Spread: 480mm/19in
Weight: 3kg/7lb (5.6kg inc supplied
weight attachment)
Top Plate Size: 345mm/14in
Material/Finish: Aluminium/Polished
Max Tabletop Weight: 10kg/22lb
Max Tabletop Size Square: 700mm/28in
Max Tabletop Size Round: 700mm/28in
Post/Column Width: 2.56mm/65mm


auto adjust kt22
*in stock*

Height: 720mm/28.35
Base Span: 560mm/22in
Base Spread: 128mm/5in
Weight: 8kg/18lb
Top Plate Size: 330mm/13in
Material/Finish: Cast Iron/Textured Finish
Max Tabletop Weight: 35kg/77lb
Max Tabletop Size Square: 900mm x
2100mm - 36in x 84in


auto adjust kx22
*in stock*

Available in 2 heights:

Dining - Height: 720mm

Poseur - Height 1035mm

Base Span: 560mm - Base Spread: 430mm -Top Plate Size: 330mm Material/Finish: Cast Iron/Textured finish

Max Tabletop Weight: 16kg

Max Tabletop Size Square: 750mm -Max Tabletop Size Round: 750mmPost/Column Width: 76mm

from £46.00

auto adjust kx2230

Height: 720mm/28.35in
Base Span: 560mm x 750mm -
22in x 30in
Base Spread: 505mm/20in
Weight: 11.5kg/25lb
Top Plate Size: 330mm/13in
Material/Finish: CastIron/TexturedFinish
Max Tabletop Weight: 16kg/35lb
Max Tabletop Size Square: 600mm x
900mm - 24in x 36in
Post/Column Width: 76mm/3in


auto adjust kx30
*in stock*

Dining Height: 720mm - Poseur Height 1067mm - Base Span: 760mm/

Tabletop Size: Square 1050mm - Round 1050mm

from £60.00

auto adjust kx36
*in stock*

Height: 720mm/28.35inBase Span: 915mm/36inBase Spread: 680mm/27inWeight: 20.5kg/45lbTop Plate Size: 445mm/17inMaterial/Finish: CastIron/TexturedFinishMax Tabletop Weight: 25kg/55lbMax Tabletop Size Square: 1200mm/47inMax Tabletop Size Round: 1500mm/60inPost/Column Width: 102mm/4in


auto-adjust bx26 flip top

Height: 720mm/28.35in
Base Span: 670mm/26in
Weight: 4.5kg/10lb
Material/Finish: Aluminium/Polished
Max Tabletop Weight: 10kg/22lb
Max Tabletop Size Square: 800mm/32in
Max Tabletop Size Round: 800mm/32in