Project: Los Banditos Bar and Grill, Lichfield

April 12th, 2019

The Los Banditos Bar and Grill concept started as a single site, Mexican inspired venue in Boldmere, West Midlands, offering a selection of fragrant dishes and delicious drinks and cocktails to transport guests across the world. In 2018, following the success of the bar and restaurant, Los Banditos decided to expand its operations by opening a new site in Lichfield, extending its dining area with an outdoor, street-facing seating area for guests to enjoy a drink when the sun shines.

Drawing the Crowds

In order to make an aesthetic impact with the design of the new venue, Los Banditos owners Ross and Steve called on Contract Furniture to provide the furniture and fittings for the new space, building on the partnership established when the two companies worked together to create stunning interior of the Boldmere restaurant. Located on Market Street in the town, the new venue occupies prime location to attract a wide range of guests to enjoy both drinks in the bar and food in the restaurant. The new site needed to draw these guests in with eye-catching outdoor furniture that would act as a beacon to people in the area. Therefore, alongside the venue’s interior work, Contract Furniture was tasked with creating striking outdoor furniture that would capture both the restaurant’s essence and guests’ attention.

Whilst this outdoor furniture for the street-facing dining section had to be eye-catching enough to stop passers-by in their tracks, Los Banditos needed furniture that would also stand the test of time at an affordable price. After considering the specific function of these chairs, Contract Furniture installed a range of Navy PP chairs and Mango tables that were perfect for matching the brief.

Bursting with Colour

In order to capture the attention, Contract Furniture created a design in vibrant colours such as red, yellow and green that matches the lively Mexican theme and add a huge burst of colour to the West Midlands high street. This meant potential guests would instantly notice the vivid tones of Los Banditos and drive people to experience the Mexican inspired cuisine. Coupled with their visual appearance, the furniture pieces perfectly matched Los Banditos’ need for longevity. The polypropylene chairs provided a strong, sturdy piece of weather-proof furniture that the venue can rely on for years to come, yet the ease in which they could be manoeuvred around the venue made them the ideal utility piece for Los Banditos’ needs.

Bring on the Fiesta

The project resulted in a coherent design that stretches across two venues in the West Midlands, as co-owner Ross comments: “After the success of our Boldmere venue, we were very excited to expand into Lichfield. Our main concern was having a consistent design across the two spaces, but also ensuring we could give guests the opportunity to enjoy their drinks outside in the sun. We wanted to create an extension of our indoor dining area that also catches the eye of passers-by. Contract Furniture have always done an exceptional job when providing our indoor furniture, and they once again exceeded expectations with the outdoor pieces. They accommodated our design specifications whilst providing high quality, durable furniture that our guests absolutely love.”

Commenting on their work at Los Banditos, Richard Bellamy, managing director of Contract Furniture added: “No one wants a bland venue, especially when looking to attract new guests. We are constantly creating innovative, vibrant designs for our furniture in order to pack a visual punch. We are really proud of the work we have done with Los Banditos to create a Mexican-inspired aesthetic, and the Navy PP chairs and Mango tables are absolutely key to tying the design together.”

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