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New Voodoo Gets Magic Vibes

March 5th, 2020

The Voodoo Bar in Ripley has recently opened with a super relaxed feel courtesy of the Contract Furniture Group. The new Derbyshire venue is run by the owners of the adjacent Crib Bar – a well-established, lively spot known for its vibrant music nights. With its launch, Voodoo will give Ripley revellers the option of a more laidback atmosphere if the mood takes them, just meters away from the excitement of Crib.

When he decided to open a second venue right next door to his existing bar, owner Rob knew he needed to create a space that built on the success of Crib, but also offered customers something clearly different in its feel. To help achieve this he enlisted the help of the Contract Furniture Group to play a key role in the creative process, as project manager Neil Saunders explains:

“Rob wanted to ensure people knew Voodoo was associated with Crib as it was so popular, but at the same time create a very different ambience. We worked with him using new concepts and samples to develop a clearly defined theme, which ended up being dominated by the latest in reclaimed design. Everything from the walls, flooring and bar, to the loose and fixed seating tied together beautifully to really give the new venue a stunning relaxed vibe. This has been a fantastic project to work an and I think Voodoo will be a huge hit.”

The work to reinvent the space took a little over 3 weeks to complete. The speed and ease of the process were helped by Contract Furniture’s ability to design, manufacture and install every aspect of the new décor, as Voodoo owner Robconfirms:

“The team at Contract Furniture really pulled out the stops to make this project come together. We had a clear idea of what we wanted to achieve, and they helped bring our vision to life with the options and alternatives he was able to present. The end result is a space that is a wonderful contrast to our existing venue, and one we’re sure our customers will enjoy for a long time to come.”

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