Contract Furniture Group Brings Italian Artistry to ‘English Riviera’

May 30th, 2019

Lusso by Lanzetta

Lusso is a high-end café situated on Skegness’ Lumley Road, representing the latest offering from the Lanzetta brothers.  With over a decade of experience in the local restaurant scene, the owners have created a delicate blend of fresh cakes, luxurious lunches and Italian Cicchetti sure to please locals and passers-by alike. Alongside these luxury food items equally stylish interior had to be crafted, with Lusso planned as a departure from the traditional dining restaurants already owned by the brothers.

The Undiscovered Country

Armed with the owners’ simple, yet firm desire for marble cladding to be used Contract Furniture Group were given a high degree of creative freedom in planning the finer details of the project. Utilising expertise collected over the past two decades, Contract Furniture Group were able to build upon this one detail and craft a cohesive design which they felt best reflected the owners’ wishes and invoked a suitably Italian theme. The modern dining concept was intended to cater both to tourists looking for a coffee and some cake, and others looking to sample its Italian cuisine. To this end Contract Furniture Group were tasked with creating an interior that would create the perfect ambiance that would accent and enhance customers’ dining experience.

Sourcing Materials from far and wide

To honor the owners’ European roots, it is perhaps fitting that materials be sourced from the continent, as is the case with the Granite counter top, which Contract furniture Group procured specially from mainland Europe. Upon entering vibrant, yet subtle yellows evoke thoughts of sunsets on the Italian Riviera, intending to draw customers in with their warmth. A variety of high-end materials were carefully selected to craft an interior with a suitable air of elegance. Walls were clad in carefully measured and carved pieces of granite, complimenting the requested marble touches. Tortoise shell glass accented the counter and bronze aged mirrors were selected to give the interior an air of spaciousness beyond its 44 seats.

To ensure the space remained comfortable for guests, bespoke faux leather booths were created and Leona and omega tub chairs installed, with their design complimenting all other features.

The finished product

The design resulting from the project is at once sophisticated and homely, being well received both by the owners and in terms of customer feedback, which has been incredibly positive. The owners are suitably impressed with the work done by the Contract Furniture Group, as they confirm: “[We] think this is something very different for Lumley Road. The marble walls, leather seating and custom built chairs are something that we think stands us apart from the rest. The Contract Furniture Group have done a fantastic job in expanding what was a pretty basic brief, and bringing a wonderful feeling of Italia Riviera to the English coast.”

Richard Bellamy, managing director of Contract Furniture Group, continued: “Working with a broad brief can often be a daunting undertaking, but our team love these opportunities to flex their muscles and run with the creative freedom. We knew how close to the brothers’ hearts this restaurant was, so we made every effort to source materials that reflected the quality of their menu and their desire to deliver a well-rounded experience for diners. We understood this project required elegance, and that customers are at the core of this restaurant; so we installed stunning chairs, fixed seating and other elements to ensure maximum comfort as well as aesthetic impact.”

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