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Contract Furniture Group Blend Japanese Design with Takeout Culture in Central London

July 11th, 2019


Sushimania is a well-established presence in the culinary world. With 12 locations across the country, it is well known for its high quality, affordable food which aims to make Japanese cuisine more accessible to the masses. So, what makes the Charing Cross location special? Well, apart from being located a stone’s throw from Trafalgar Square, the new site represents Sushimania’s first foray into the takeout market. With the success of such a prime location on the line, the pressure was on to create an interior which stayed true to the chain’s established image whilst being suitable for this new business model.

All part of the plan

In order to realise their vision, the owners of Sushimania called upon Contract Furniture Group to provide furniture and fittings befitting the restaurant’s Japanese heritage. Having done their due diligence, the owners provided Contract Furniture with a detailed collection of design drawing which they wanted brought to life. The task was then on, to take these plans and select or fabricate items which would perfectly represent the owner’s wishes. With space to seat just ten people, each item had to be carefully considered. The interior had to be eye catching enough to draw people in, whilst subtly conveying that this was intended as a collection point first and foremost.

Picking it up and running with it

Throughout the restaurant, intricate joinery work produces repeating patterns reminiscent of Japanese block printing. Beam like light fixtures composed of lightly coloured wood hung from the ceiling, providing a surface upon which a beautiful array of plants has been arranged. By positioning much of the decoration above the heads of patrons the floorspace has been left clear, allowing for a large thoroughfare to manage the continuous coming and going of customers. Elsewhere blue tiling behind the bar provides an attractive, yet easily maintained backdrop perfect for holding peoples’ attention during the lunch rush. Where limited seating has been installed the Tokyo High Stool, with its curved seat inspired by Japanese architecture, provides a comfortable perch off which to enjoy all the restaurant has to offer.

Crossing the finish line

The result is a perfect balance of elegant Japanese design with the practicality of a takeout restaurant. Commenting on the finished product, Sushimania’s owners stated: “We’re very pleased with the finished project. The aim here was to try something a bit different, whilst staying true to what our customers have come to expect from the Sushimania brand. Contract Furniture has done an excellent job translating our plans into the real world, installing high quality fixtures and furniture which have been well received by our guests.”

Commenting on their work at Sushimania, Richard Bellamy, managing director of Contract Furniture, added: “Despite what you might think, projects where customers have put so much work into planning can sometimes be the hardest. It can be very challenging to translate a detailed vision into the physical world. I’m happy to say in this case we’ve succeeded. We’ve very proud that our team have managed to pair graceful, Japanese inspired design with a fast-paced environment so well.”

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